23 Jan 2013

Time Off For Good Behavior @ Copro Gallery

My new solo show at Copro Gallery
California. USA
23rd Feb -16th Mar 2013

Time Off for Good Behaviour

Crimes both heinous and petty, criminals legendary and laughable; here is a shadow world filled with the extremities of the human zoo. The offenders seem powerless to break the cycle of their transgressive behaviour- drawn like moths to the consuming flame. Are their victims though wholly innocent? Have they perhaps conspired with their tormentors in some way? The cunning fox steps unwittingly into a trap laid by an equally savvy and unfeeling missy. The aging harridan is served a tea that is to put paid to her incessant nagging. My treatment of this thorny subject is intended to both amuse and question our reactions to crime. On the face of it these actions are morally repugnant and merit our censure. But we are all guilty, at unguarded moments, of feelings of superiority, vanity, lust and cold calculation: the impetuses of crime.

---- Xue Wang February 2013 for Copro Gallery

Leslie Ditto's beautiful solo show Humanity Lost will exhibit at the same time


Kri said...

I came accross ~blueeyednightowl.blogspot.com~ and she mentioned your work on her blog. And I must say your art is very unique !! Keep it up! ^ ^

Skywalker said...

Great works & inspiration....Big ups from me