19 Oct 2013



My take on ghosts is perhaps a little tinged with light heartedness. These are not demons who threaten us mortals. But their merry mischief undoes our sense of everyday security. They rummage in our larders, shin their way up our drainpipes and play havoc with domestic bliss. As these spooks creep among us we needn’t shrink from them but welcome their witty messages from the other side!

--Xue Wang, September 2013



Speaking in Tongues


G (for Ghost)


The uninvited guest

Don't believe in Cupid 

No jam tomorrow

Shadow play

3 Oct 2013

Feeding Time

For some 'unknown' reason my recent posting on Facebook for my upcoming exhibition, 'Heebie-Jeebies' was torn down. This featured my painting entitled 'Feeding Time' whose content was innocent enough. It seems the censors felt otherwise and blue pencilled it out. Could it be that images of breastfeeding in art have become too risqué? What about renaissance painting? How silly...

'Heebie-Jeebies'@ George Thornton art gallery.
Exhibition runs: 05th-13th October, 2013.

Heebie-Jeebies---My new exhibition

My new solo show Heebie-Jeebies at George Thornton Gallery
runs from this Saturday 5th October to 13th October.

2 Oct 2013

Tongue Sizzler for The BLAB! Show 2013

Tongue Sizzler

Copro Galery presents BLAB SHOW 2013 group exhibition. This will be the 8th annual BLAB exhibition with Copro Galler curated by Monte Beauchamp.The current 2013 group exhibition will feature art from the forthcoming BLAB WORLD 3. 

Exhibition runs: 14th September to 5th November 2013