19 Oct 2013



My take on ghosts is perhaps a little tinged with light heartedness. These are not demons who threaten us mortals. But their merry mischief undoes our sense of everyday security. They rummage in our larders, shin their way up our drainpipes and play havoc with domestic bliss. As these spooks creep among us we needn’t shrink from them but welcome their witty messages from the other side!

--Xue Wang, September 2013



Speaking in Tongues


G (for Ghost)


The uninvited guest

Don't believe in Cupid 

No jam tomorrow

Shadow play

3 Oct 2013

Feeding Time

For some 'unknown' reason my recent posting on Facebook for my upcoming exhibition, 'Heebie-Jeebies' was torn down. This featured my painting entitled 'Feeding Time' whose content was innocent enough. It seems the censors felt otherwise and blue pencilled it out. Could it be that images of breastfeeding in art have become too risqué? What about renaissance painting? How silly...

'Heebie-Jeebies'@ George Thornton art gallery.
Exhibition runs: 05th-13th October, 2013.

Heebie-Jeebies---My new exhibition

My new solo show Heebie-Jeebies at George Thornton Gallery
runs from this Saturday 5th October to 13th October.

2 Oct 2013

Tongue Sizzler for The BLAB! Show 2013

Tongue Sizzler

Copro Galery presents BLAB SHOW 2013 group exhibition. This will be the 8th annual BLAB exhibition with Copro Galler curated by Monte Beauchamp.The current 2013 group exhibition will feature art from the forthcoming BLAB WORLD 3. 

Exhibition runs: 14th September to 5th November 2013

27 Apr 2013

Under My Skin

New painting 'Under My Skin' for George Thornton Art Gallery for Bristol AAF.

 26-28 April 2013

Prime Cuts

New painting 'Prime Cuts' for George Thornton Art Gallery for Bristol AAF. 
26-28 April 2013

Womb Service

New painting 'Womb Service' for George Thornton Art Gallery for Bristol AAF. 
26-28 April 2013

4 Mar 2013

Great time in California

Xue Wang --Time Off For Good Behaviour
23Feb-16Mar 2013

View of San Francisco from Nob Hill
I'm off to Sausalito~~~~

19 Feb 2013

Time Off For Good Behavior Preview @ Copro Gallery

Time Off For Good Behavior opens on the 23rd Feb 2013
I'll be going to the States for the first time.
Sooooo excited.
Here are the pieces for the show:-)
For availability please contact COPRO GALLERY Santa Monica,CA

23 Jan 2013

Time Off For Good Behavior @ Copro Gallery

My new solo show at Copro Gallery
California. USA
23rd Feb -16th Mar 2013

Time Off for Good Behaviour

Crimes both heinous and petty, criminals legendary and laughable; here is a shadow world filled with the extremities of the human zoo. The offenders seem powerless to break the cycle of their transgressive behaviour- drawn like moths to the consuming flame. Are their victims though wholly innocent? Have they perhaps conspired with their tormentors in some way? The cunning fox steps unwittingly into a trap laid by an equally savvy and unfeeling missy. The aging harridan is served a tea that is to put paid to her incessant nagging. My treatment of this thorny subject is intended to both amuse and question our reactions to crime. On the face of it these actions are morally repugnant and merit our censure. But we are all guilty, at unguarded moments, of feelings of superiority, vanity, lust and cold calculation: the impetuses of crime.

---- Xue Wang February 2013 for Copro Gallery

Leslie Ditto's beautiful solo show Humanity Lost will exhibit at the same time

14 Jan 2013

I Put A Spell On You

I Put A Spell On You
Oil on Eskaboard

For Painted Sound Group Exhibition 
curated by Ixie Darkonn and Alexandra Mazzanti 

for Flower Pepper Gallery 
Pasadena, CA

in collaboration with
Dorothy Circus Gallery
Rome, Italy

Jan 26th- Feb 28th 2013

7 Dec 2012

The Burning Train

Oil on Eskaboard
18" x 14"

My work 'The Burning Train' for "The Illumination" group show @Copro Gallery 
Opening Reception, Saturday, December 15, 8:00 – 11:30 p.m. 
Dates: Exhibit runs; December 15 – January 5, 2012 

In these troubled times there's light at the e
nd of the tunnel illuminating the future of a Brave New World. The best part is the Dark Ride getting there so for this group exhibition artists portray the journey to Illumination. You'll know your there when you arrive!

Artist: Alexandra Manukyan, Becca, Big Gus, Brian Smith, Clare Toms, Erik Alos, Ewelina Koszykowska,Genevive Zacconi, Gregg Gibbs, Jamie Lee Parker, Jim Pavelec, John Cebollero, Lang Leav, Macsorro, Mat Hurtado, Matthew Price, Peter Chan, Ken Keirns, Philip Lumbang, Pooch, Robert Connett, Yoko dHolbachie, XUE Wang and more 

25 May 2012

'What The Dickens!' opens tomorrow

 Tale of Two Cities

 Little Dorrit

The Old Curiosity Shop

Oliver Twist

 Bleak House