10 Dec 2011

Smoke Screen

Group show "Lynchism", which is inspired by David Lynch, is opening today as well. 
At George Thornton Art Gallery.
My piece is inspired by 'The Elephant Man'

Smoke Screen

“Smoke Screen”

I like many of Lynch’s films but The Elephant Man, with its themes of social stigma and public ghoulishness, appeals most. The protagonist is both shunned and misunderstood solely because of his appearance. Merrick’s longing for acceptance and desire to be like anyone else, is met by hoots of derision and revolted gasps. But he is, below his misshapen exterior, really just like us; seeking the warmth of companionship.

 ----Xue Wang December 2011

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rachelsmith133 said...

I saw Smoke Screen in an art gallery in Nottingham today. I think it is a stunning piece of art.